Senior-Youth Task Force

In an effort to ensure that the City of University City focused appropriate energy, attention and funding on two important constituent groups in our community – seniors and youth – a Mayor’s Task Force on Seniors & Youth was established on October 4, 2012.

The Senior-Youth Task Force was charged with performing research and soliciting community input needed to determine:

The assets that exist within the University City and the larger regional community (aka “asset inventory”) for the benefit of accessible to University City seniors and youth.

The needs and desires of each group (aka “needs survey”) that are currently not being met or fulfilled by existing assets available to them.

Mayor's Charge to the Task Force on Seniors & Youth

Task Force Members
Kelly Lachajczyk, LCSW
Bev Sporleder, MSW
Karen Robards, PhD
Genice Self
Jay Burstein
Jen Jensen
Maxine Harris
Victor Pichon
Abbie Carter (Co-Chair)
Shirley Soule (Co-Chair)
Mr. Clay Ware (School District of University City)
Barbara Levin, MSW (Washington University)
Tom Meuser, PhD (University of Missouri-St. Louis)
Zach Greatens (Staff Liaison)

The final report of the Seniors and Youth Task Force is now available.