Human Relations Commission

The University City Commission on Human Relations consists of seven members, who are registered voters of University City, qualified by the City Council.

It acts in an advisory capacity to the City Council. Its functions and duties are to foster mutual self-respect and to further amicable relations among the various segments of the population which together comprise the City of University City; to help preserve and further the good name of University City for tolerance and fair play and promote even better relations amongst its people; to help make it possible for each citizen, regardless of race, religion, creed, color, ancestry, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, disability, political affiliation, marital status, familial status, income, or educational level to develop their talents and abilities without limitation; and to aid in permitting the community to benefit from the fullest realization of its human resources.

Commission Goals

  • Advise the City Council on legislation, statements, policies
  • Educate on discrimination, prejudice, misunderstandings between groups, exclusion, all the isms
  • Conduct focus groups on ways to make University City better
  • Facilitate conversations between groups aimed at improving communication
  • Study and work on polices aimed at fostering respect and just treatment
  • Collaborate with other Human Relations Commissions in the metropolitan area

Commission Members

  • Charmaine Glenn
  • Lucille V Harris
  • Caryn St. Clair
  • Jaclyn Kirouac-Fram-Chair
  • Linda Shaw-Secretary
  • Dennis Hoppe
  • Jonathan Falk-Vice Chari
  • Kellie R. Cannon, Staff Liaison

Agendas, Minutes, and Audio

If you would like to view prior agendas and minutes or listen to audio from any of the meetings, please click on this link.

Volunteer Organizations Acknowledgment

Here are some volunteer organizations that the City of University City Human Resources Commission would like to acknowledge as also doing good work in University City. Please click on their links below to learn more about these organizations and how you can get involved.

Real Talk 

U. City Conversations on Race, Class and

Citizen Concern Form
Supporting Organizations