Recognition of Outstanding Job - Clinical Save March 8, 2013
On March 8, 2013, Paramedic/Firefighter Bryan Wiegers and Paramedic/Firefighter Shawn VanWinkle (Ambulance 2617) and Captain Joel Myers and Captain Kris Guittar, Paramedic/Firefighter Steve Brockman (Ladder Truck 2615) responded to an emergency call for unknown sick case. The patient was in cardiac arrest. Our team was able to stabilize the patient, get the patient to St. Mary’s Health Center where emergency personnel were able to take the patient immediately into care and the patient was able to walk out of the hospital within a few days.
Fire Chief Long Captain Myers Paramedic Firefights Bryan Wiegers and Shawn VanWinkle Fire Chief Long Captain Myers Paramedic Firefighters Bryan Wiegers and Shawn VanWinkle

Outstanding Citizen Award - Life Saving Actions
On May 7th, 2013, an emergency call was placed for an unresponsive person at McDonald's restaurant. Prior to the emergencies crews’ arrival, Ladarius Tisdale an employee of McDonald's was providing excellent care of the patient. He was supporting the patient and kept his airway open and assisted us by maintaining an open airway on the patient. He also provided us with valuable information for a successful outcome. It's an honor to present this Outstanding Citizen Award for your Life Saving Actions.
Chief Long and Ladarius Tisdale