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Sgt King funeral
Chief of Police's Message
The Police Agency has embraced the "Community Policing Philosophy" in an effort to provide the highest level of service to all its citizens. By reaching out to include the community in our endeavors, this agency can move forward with a vision and purpose. Professionalism and competence are barometers in determining our success. However, the main factor in evaluating our performance is the feeling and attitude our citizens have regarding the Police Department. We shall forever strive to deliver assistance at its most productive.
PoliceChaplain letter

University City Citizen's Police Academy
Graduating Class 17-1

The Citizen’s Police Academy Graduation took place on May 16, 2017 at the University City Police Department. There were a total of 12 graduates. The academy’s goal was to provide citizens with a better insight into police practices and services to foster better communication between the community and law enforcement through education. We would like to congratulate this year’s class on their dedication and success.

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Please be advised:  The Police Department has now completely relocated to its new annex, located at the end of Sgt. Mike King Drive.  

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