Message from the Chief

Sgt King funeral
This Police Agency has embraced the "Community Policing Philosophy" in an effort to provide the highest level of service to all its citizens. By reaching out to include the community in our endeavors, this agency can move forward with a vision and purpose. Professionalism and competence are barometers in determining our success. However, the main factor in evaluating our performance is the feeling and attitude our citizens have regarding the Police Department. We shall forever strive to deliver assistance at its most productive.


University City Reminds Residents Fireworks Are Prohibited Within City Limits.

With Independence Day coming on July 4, you might see fireworks stands popping up around the area, but the City of University City wants to remind residents that it is illegal to sell or shoot off fireworks within City limits.

Individuals caught discharging fireworks within the University City limits are subject to prosecution under our municipal ordinance. Professional displays of fireworks are family friendly events.

For fireworks complaints, please contact University City Police at (314) 725-2211. For questions about the fireworks ordinance please call the above number and ask for an on-duty supervisor. 


Chief Larry Hampton