Police Department

Group Photo Taken at Mike King Memorial 10-31-09
Chief of Police's Message
The Police Agency has embraced the "Community Policing Philosophy" in an effort to provide the highest level of service to all its citizens. By reaching out to include the community in our endeavors, this agency can move forward with a vision and purpose. Professionalism and competence are barometers in determining our success. However, the main factor in evaluating our performance is the feeling and attitude our citizens have regarding the Police Department. We shall forever strive to deliver assistance at its most productive.
UCPD Parking Restriction

On 7/20/2016, on-site construction of the Temporary Police Facility will begin at 601 Trinity. Materials will be transported and placed at the site between the hours of 9am and 5pm.  The lot will no longer be available for parking and the walkthrough areas along the fence will no longer open as a cut through to Trinity Blvd.

Parking will continue to be available at the other locations around City Hall, along Trinity Avenue, and on Parking Lot #4 behind Cicero’s. Staff should not park in designated parking spaces assigned to visitors for City Hall.

See diagram (below) of the inaccessible parking area.