City Manager

Staff Members
Dear University City Resident,

The City of University City uses the Council-Manager form of government, under which elected City Council members hire the City Manager to carry out the following responsibilities:
  • Ensure that the municipal code and policies approved by elected officials are implemented and equitably enforced throughout the city.
  • Prepare the annual budget, submits it to elected officials for review and approval and implements it once approved.
  • Supervise department heads and other city employees.
  • Submit policy proposals to elected officials and provides them with facts and advice on matters of policy as a basis for making decisions.
  • Manage the day-to-day operations of the city.
As the City Manager of University City, I am committed to supporting the City Council to achieve the objective of providing high quality services to all of the residents of this great city.

Lehman Walker, 314-505-8534