Prop M

Prop M

On Tuesday, Apr. 4, University City voters will vote on Proposition M. 

What is Proposition M?

  • Prop M allows for a 3% sales tax on retail marijuana sales within University City
  • Revenue generated from Prop M may go towards public safety & youth drug education programs
  • The 3% sales tax on adult-use marijuana would be in addition to the 6% state tax
  • Prop M does not apply to medical marijuana sales
  • Currently, there are two marijuana dispensaries operating in University City
  • The City of St. Louis and 35 St. Louis County municipalities are voting on Prop M on April 4th

Official Ballot Language

"Shall the City of University City, Missouri impose an additional sales tax in the amount of three percent on all tangible personal property retail sales of adult use marijuana sold in University City?”

St. Louis County Board of Elections Information

This information was paid for by the City of University City, City Manager Gregory Rose, 6801 Delmar Blvd., University City, Mo. 63130. This information is intended solely to educate and inform residents about a question that
will be before voters. It is NOT intended to advocate, support or oppose the passage or defeat of the measure. Each voter should vote for or against the question based on their own judgment.