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Flood Buyout and Floodplain Information
Voluntary Property Acquisition (Flood Buyout) Program

On September 14 2008, flash flooding of the River Des Peres severely damaged over 100 University City residences.   A federal disaster declaration was subsequently declared, providing the mechanism necessary for the City to apply for federal disaster relief funds.  In August of 2010 the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) awarded a $3 million grant to University City to acquire twenty-six residents in the floodplain.   This funding will account for 75% of the total project cost.  In March, 2011, the City received a $461,000 grant from the Missouri Department of Economic Development to be used as a partial match for the buyout.  The remaining funds for the buyout will come from the City.  

The buyout program is voluntary legal transaction available to 26 residents of Wilson Avenue (see map).  Once the City assumes ownership of the property, the buildings will be removed or destroyed, and the land will be cleared.

To learn more about this program, contact staff at (314) 505-8516, Email or peruse the website.

As of August, 2011 the weekly updates have been discontinued.  The City is now acquiring properties, and the project activities involve individual closings.  For specific project information, contact staff at (314) 505-8565.

Wilson Avenue Buyout Status

September 21, 2010 Update Letter
September 28, 2010 Update Letter
October 5, 2010 Update Letter
October 12, 2010 Update Letter
October 19, 2010 Update Letter
October 26, 2010 Update Letter

November 2, 2010 Update Letter
November 9, 2010 Update Letter
November 16, 2010 Update Letter
November 23, 2010 Update Letter
November 30, 2010 Update Letter
December 7, 2010 Update Letter
December 14, 2010 Update Letter
December 20, 2010 Update Letter
December 28, 2010 Update Letter
January 11, 2011 Update Letter and January 19 Meeting Agenda
January 18, 2011 Update Letter
January 25, 2011 Update Letter
February 1, 2011 Update Letter
February 15, 2011 Update Letter
February 22, 2011 Update Letter
March 1, 2011 Update Letter
March 8, 2011 Update Letter
March 15, 2011 Update Letter
March 23, 2011 Update Letter
March 24, 2011 Update Meeting - Powerpoint Presentation
March 29, 2011 Update Letter
April 5, 2011 Update Letter
April 11, 2011 Update Letter
April 19, 2011 Update Letter
April 27, 2011 Update Letter
May 3, 2011 Update Letter
May 10, 2011 Update Letter
May 17, 2011 Update Letter
May 25, 2011 Update Letter
May 31, 2011 Update Letter
June 8, 2011 Update Letter
June 14, 2011 Update Letter
June 21, 2011 Update Letter
June 28, 2011 Update Letter
July 5, 2011 Update Letter
November 30, 2011 Update Letter

Map of Wilson Avenue Buyout Area

Wilson Avenue Project Area

Adopted Wilson Avenue Buyout Policy

University City Wilson Avenue Buyout Policy

Environmental Review Notices (NEPA Requirement for CDBG program)

Early Public Notice
Notice of Explanation

Floodplain Management

Floodplain Ordinance

The City of University City adopted floodplain management regulations in order to promote the public health, safety and general welfare; to minimize flood losses by periodic inundation; to establish or maintain the community's eligibility for participation in the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) as defined in 44 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) 59.22(a)(3); and to meet the requirements of 44 CFR 60.3(d).  

Chapter 15.16 of the University City Municipal Code is devoted to Floodplain Management.

After a Flood
For tips on what to do immediately following a flood, please visit the website below:

Flood Resources

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