City Council Contact Info


The Council is the legislative and governing body of the City of University City. The City Council has seven members, one of whom serves as mayor. Each of the City's three wards has two representatives, who are elected to four-year terms.


• Enacts legislation to protect the health, morals and general welfare of the citizens of the City.
• Appoints both the City Manager and City Clerk.

Council Rules - Revised 2023-05-08
Mayor and City Council Members

Council Office

Appointments with the Mayor and/or Council Members can be arranged by contacting them at phone number listed below their name.
To e-mail council members, please click on their underlined email address.
  1. Mayor Crow Photo

    Terry Crow


  1. Jeff Hales Photo

    Jeff Hales

    Councilmember 1st Ward

    509 Warren Ave.

  1. Steve McMahon Photo

    Steve McMahon

    Councilmember 1st Ward

    8135 Stanford

  1. Aleta Klein Photo

    Aleta Klein

    Councilmember 2nd Ward

    7021 Amherst Ave, 63130

  1. Dennis Fuller Photo

    Dennis Fuller

    Councilmember 2nd Ward

    7365 Colgate Avenue 

  1. Bwayne Smotherson Photo

    Bwayne Smotherson

    Councilmember 3rd Ward

    1243 Purdue

  1. Stacy Clay Photo

    Stacy Clay

    Councilmember 3rd Ward

    1328 Midland Dr