Sweatfree Task Force

The Sweatfree Purchasing Advisory Board was formed in 2010 by Resolution of the City Council, placing University City within a network of municipalities and organizations working to build a global economy with justice and equity.

The University City Sweatfree Purchasing Advisory Board, the first formed in Missouri, advises the Mayor and City Manager regarding the assurance that the City of University City does not purchase goods and services from firms that practice substandard labor conditions or foster such conditions by subcontractors. Firms are viewed within a purchasing approval system that recognizes the importance of working conditions, rather than low bid. Poverty wages, dangerous and unhealthy working conditions, and environmental pollution to surrounding community are variables included in the Sweatfree procurement decisions.

The Board views these tasks as a partnership with the City, the Vendors, and the Contractors by establishing communication through an affidavit which helps to identify gaps and plan incremental improvements. A link to the affidavit can be found below.

Serving on the Sweatfree Board are dedicated community advocates and professionals:

  • Jerald A. Hochsztein, Chair (Labor Attorney)
  • James Adams (retired Journalist)
  • Susan M. Armstrong (Safety Engineer for InBev)
  • Ann Marie Schutzius (former Buyer for Agribrands International)
  • Becca Gluckstein (Washington University student)

The Sweatfree Purchasing Advisory Board meets biweekly in City Hall. Minutes of these meetings are posted on this site.

The City of University City also belongs to the Sweatfree Purchasing Consortium, a membership organization designed to help governments act with combined strength, expertise and resources in meeting their goals for sweatshop-free purchasing. More information can be found at:


Jerry Hochsztein has resided at 7259 Princeton in University City since May 1988, with his wife, Shelley. Their daughter is a senior at Emory University. He is an attorney in individual practice in Clayton, representing individuals and organizations in all types of civil matters. He is active in progressive and religions organizations, such as Jobs With Justice and its Workers Rights Board, Jews United for Justice and the Civil Rights Committee of the Anti-Defamation League, He also volunteers for the United Way Allocations Panel and the St. Louis County Older Resident Program.

James E. Adams, a retired newspaper journalist (St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 1969-1987), editor and publisher of Catholic and Protestant liturgical and devotional resources (Creative Communications for the Parish, 1987-2007), has lived at 7034 Waterman Avenue, in University City, since April 1973. He and his wife, Patricia, have five grown children, two of whom are graduates of University City High School.

Susan M. Armstrong and her family have been University City residents since 1988. Susan is licensed in Safety and Environmental Engineering. With over 25 years of experience; she has worked in industry including manufacturing, medical, regulatory, beverage, entertainment, public health, wastewater, water, and right of way acquisition. Her international employers include Belgium-based InBev. Susan is currently an appointed Commissioner for Missouri's Safe Drinking Water Commission and volunteers for the American Red Cross. Her children, Elizabeth, Brent, and Adam are University City High school graduates and graduated/attended from Langston University, Iowa State University, and Missouri University of Science and Technology.

Ann Marie Schutzius and her husband, Dean Hess, have been University City residents for nine years. They have two young children who attend Christ the King Catholic School. Ann Marie is currently Vice President of the Bolivian Society of St. Louis and has been an active board member for 10 years. She has experience in Central and South America, and is fluent in Spanish. She is a member of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom and the Interfaith Committee on Latin America. Ann Marie was an Ingredient Buyer for Agribrands International, formerly Ralston Purina International, now part of Cargill International.

Becca Gluckstein
moved to University City in June 2010 to attend the Masters of Social Work program at Washington University in St. Louis. She is concentrating her studies on international development, children's rights, and performing arts advocacy. Her interest in children's rights and social work in an international context stems from two years of volunteer work in Indonesia. While Southeast Asia may be half the world away from Latin America, issues of sweatshop labor exist in both regions.

For questions or concerns regarding the task force, please email Susan Armstrong.

Next Meeting: Wednesday, June 27, 2012 at 7pm-City Hall Second Floor

Visit Public Documents - Sweatfree Purchasing Advisory Board to view minutes, resolutions, and affidavits (select the Sweatfree Purchasing Advisory Board folder under Boards and Commissions).