Economic Development Retail Sales Tax (EDRST)

EDRST History

In August 2006, the City of University City levied a one-quarter (1/4) percent sales tax on retail sales to be used for economic development purposes. This revenue is based on the amount of sales tax generated through point of sales within the City limits and fluctuates from year to year.

Through the EDRST, funds are being invested in University City programs and projects that encourage the physical and economic redevelopment of major corridors, improve infrastructure, support existing successful business districts, and enhance efforts toward business retention, expansion and attraction. The use of revenues generated by the tax are generally for project administration, land acquisition, infrastructure, water and wastewater treatment capacity, matching state or federal grants related to long-term economic development projects, marketing, training, equipment and infrastructure and other specified uses.


The general purpose of the Economic Development Retail Sales Tax (EDRST) Board is to serve as an advisory committee to the Mayor, City Council and City Staff on matters relating to the Local Option Economic Development Retail Sales Tax, and to perform such other duties as may be assigned by the City Council.

The EDRST Board will assist in facilitating the implementation of Economic Development related goals set forth in the Comprehensive Plan (including all updates), the Olive Boulevard Design Guidelines, and other planning documents and initiatives approved by the City Council. The Board pursues these goals by making recommendations to the Council for the use of the Economic Development Retail Sales Tax. The City’s strategic planning effort includes, but is not limited to, plans for a vibrant, economically healthy community and livable neighborhoods. The plans are also intended to ensure that the City is a center for business and tourism, and a destination for the appreciation of leisure, culture and history.


Each year, the EDRST Board recommends a list of projects to be funded with the EDRST. The recommendation is sent to the City Council as a part of the City budget. Projects are funded on a Fiscal Year, July to June.  
Funding Priority Guidelines
Anyone interested in applying for EDRST Funds for FY 2020, during the second funding cycle ending September 6, 2019 can review and complete the application.  Questions can be directed to Libbey Tucker, Director of Economic Development, at or 314-505-8533.

​May 2019 EDRST Applications

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Street Trees
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Farmers Market
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iNeighborhoods Smart City and STEAM
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Loop Lighting

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Loop Special Business District Applications
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UCity In Bloom

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University City School District
U Can Career Center
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Urban Sprouts Early Childhood Resource Hub

St. Louis ArtWorks 

Yan Chin Sushi

EDRST Meetings and Information

The EDRST meets on an as needed basis. 
Upcoming meetings are scheduled for:
September 24, 2019

Agendas and packet information will be made available prior to those dates. 


All Economic Development Retail Sales Tax Board meeting agendas, minutes, past quarterly reports can be found in the City's Public Documents.