City-Owned Tree Maintenance

Tree Trimming, Pruning Schedule & Information  

The City of University City owns thousands of trees throughout the City. To properly care for these trees in our neighborhoods, we perform annual trimming and pruning.  We need your help to perform this task safely and as quickly as possible. Thank you for your cooperation and patience during this process.  


*anticipated schedule, subject to change* 

Jun. 20 – Jul. 20  
7400 Block of University Dr
7400 Block of Kingsbury Blvd
7400 Block of Stratford Ave
200 Block of Linden Ave
West Point Ct
Alta Dena Ct
Mission Ct

Jul 3. – Aug. 20  
7400, 7500 and 7600 Block of Teasdale
7400, 7500 and 7600 Block of Washington
All of North Central and North Bemiston


  • “NO PARKING” signs will be placed on your block prior to trimming that week.  
  • Each block will take approximately one week to trim or prune if parking is open for the contractor to perform the work. 
  • Cars parked on the streets where “no parking” signs have been posted will be ticketed by UCPD. 
  • We ask that you please adhere to these “no parking” signs so that we may expedite the process of pruning our city-maintained trees 


Contact the City Forester at 314-505-8619 or by email