What will the inspection cover?
The inspector will check for adequacy of exits, fire protection equipment, fire resistance, sanitary facilities, property maintenance code compliance, parking facilities and landscaping in accordance with health and safety standards. A commercial occupancy inspection of a residence deals with the space being used, the bathroom which serves it and the general utilities. If the business meets all zoning, structural, fire and health standards, a commercial occupancy permit will be issued. You will then be notified by mail to pick up the commercial occupancy permit and pay for your business license at the Collector's Office on the first floor of City Hall. (See information on business licenses.)

NOTE: If food will be served or sold you will need to call the St. Louis County Health Department at 314-615-8900.

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1. What is the purpose of a commercial occupancy permit?
2. When is a commercial occupancy permit required?
3. How do you apply for a commercial occupancy permit?
4. What will the inspection cover?