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U City Tree NurseryThe Department of Parks, Recreation and Forestry maintains 30,000 trees along streets and in parks. Tree trimming is scheduled during winter, new trees are planted in winter and spring, trees are removed during the summer, and stump grinding is done in the fall. Firewood generated by tree removal or trimming is available to residents free of charge at the job site and at Heman Park throughout the year.


Tree Resource Improvement and Maintenance Grant

The Parks, Recreation and Forestry Department has received a Tree Resource Improvement and Maintenance (T.R.I.M.) Grant in the amount of $22,875.00 from the Missouri Department of Conservation to go towards the completion of a tree inventory. With these funds the remaining two wards will be inventoried. 
The T.R.I.M. grant program is a competitive cost-share program provided and administered by the Missouri Department of Conservation in cooperation with the Missouri Community Forestry Council. The purpose is to provide financial assistance for the management, improvement, or conservation of our community forests. With the award of the T.R.I.M. grant, the Parks, Recreation and Forestry Department will use the money to conduct a GIS based digital tree inventory of the city’s street trees within the north part of the city.
Once the inventory project is complete priorities then can be set regarding street tree pruning and removal. The trees that are deemed a high risk will be the first trees addressed. Work orders will be created and given to the forestry crew to complete. After the high-risk trees are taken care of a cyclical pruning cycle will be developed and contract crews will aid in the completion of these prunes. Forestry staff will mainly deal with removals, park trees, and planting. This inventory will aid in efficiently planting trees and keep the city on track to plant at least as many trees that are removed each year.

Darren Dunkle CPRP AFO
Director of Parks, Recreation and Forestry 

Emerald Ash Borer (EAB)
Acceptable Tree List
Requesting New Street Trees

Citizens’ requests for new street trees should be made by September 1. Work requests and tree inspections can be made by calling (314)505-8619 or by downloading a Tree Inspection Request form.

Storm Damage

The Forestry Division maintains trees on public right-of-way, in parks and on other public properties. After a storm, crews clear streets of city-owned, downed tree limbs on an emergency basis. The City is responsible for the removal of limbs from publicly owned trees only. Trees on private property are maintained by the owners.

Report Damage

To report damage to public right-of-way trees or limbs blocking streets, contact the Forestry Office, (314)505-8619.

County Road Tree Replacement

If the County had a tree removed between the sidewalk and curb in front of your house and you would like it replaced, please contact St. Louis County at 314-615-8538.

Mulch and Wood Chips

Heman Park has a distribution area where residents may pick up wood chips and firewood. There is no fee to load your own vehicles with materials for personal use. 

U City in Bloom - University City Tree Walk

Visit the U City in Bloom website for more information.

Branch & Tree Cleanup/Removal

  • Priority Storm Cleanup: Fallen Branches/Trees