Picnic Pavilions

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Picnic PavilionsGeneral Rules
  • For more information, contact Centennial Commons, (314) 505-8625. Due to heavy usage, we recommend making reservations, when possible, at least two months before your requested date.
  • Small groups may use many picnic spots throughout University City parks without charge.
  • Reservations are needed for pavilions at Heman, Fogerty and Millar parks and are recommended for groups of 35 to 100.
  • Rental fees are $50 for residents and $100 for nonresidents. To consume alcohol on premises, Alcohol Request Fee of $10 is required. Reservations may only be accepted in person (beginning the first working day in January until October 31) at Centennial Commons, 7210 Olive.
  • Recycle plastic, glass, paper, cardboard and aluminum in the special blue containers near the pavilion areas.
Picnic PavilionsPavilion Information
  • Ordinances prohibit loud noises, the use of sound systems, and glass beverage bottles in all University City parks.
  • All picnic and ground areas are to be left free of rubbish and litter.
  • All University City parks close at 10:30 pm. Please adhere to this closing time.
  • Electrical outlets are 15 amp circuits (not suitable for heavy wattage equipment).
  • Automobiles are permitted in parking lot area only. University City police officers will ticket violators.
  • Improper conduct will not be tolerated in the parks.
  • Any person guilty of malicious destruction of park property will be prosecuted.
  • No refunds for picnic pavilion reservations (including cases of inclement weather).
Heman Park Location Map
Fogerty Park Location Map
Millar Park Location Map