Rules and Regulations

Diving Area Rules Slide Rules Baby Pool Rules Lap Swim Rules

General Rules and Regulations

These regulations are a combination of University City Department of Parks, Recreation, and Forestry - Recreation Division rules and those required by the Department of Health. They are enforced for the safety and health of the pool patrons.
  • No one is allowed in the pool area when a lifeguard is not on the deck watching the pool.
  • Admissions to the pool shall be refused to all patrons having venereal disease, infectious conditions, contagious disease, excessive sunburn, unhealed abrasions or having his/her body plaster cast and tape or bandages. The Department of Parks, Recreation and Forestry retains the right to refuse admission.
  • No food, drink, gum, or tobacco is allowed in the pool area. Eating and drinking only in designated areas. No smoking in the pool facility. If you are of age, you can go out side the front entrance and go to the left to smoke.
  • Rough or boisterous play or running on deck will not be permitted.
  • Please refrain from talking to the lifeguards while they are on the stand. Their first priority is safety.
  • Lifeguard stands and chairs are only to be used by guards.
  • Persons using abusive language or profanity will be asked to leave the pool facility if they do not refrain from the abusive and profane language.
  • Swimwear (i.e. trunks w/ mesh lining, swimsuit, etc.) are required for all persons entering the pool. Tee shirts may be worn in the water to cover skin from sun exposure. A t-shirt does not count as a swim suit top.
  • Floats, rafts, etc. will be allowed at manager’s discretion.
  • Hard objects (such as plastic Frisbees, etc.) will not be allowed in the pool. Balls must be foam, Nerf, squish, or beach balls.
  • Children 12 and under must be accompanied and supervised by a parent or guardian 18 years of age or older.
  • Please no sit down or flips from the side of the pool.
  • Diapers are prohibited in the pool. Swim Diapers are required and are available for purchase at pool control desk.
  • The Department of Parks, Recreation, and Forestry - Recreation Division reserves the right to modify or add rules when deemed advisable for the protection of the health and safety of its patrons.
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Diving Area Rules

  • Swimming across diving area is not permitted.
  • No diving off the side of the pool or diving board.
  • There will be no catching kids while they jump off the diving board.
  • Staff reserves the right to stop any patron from performing any dive that may appear to be dangerous.
  • Please no sitting on the board.
  • Swimming aids such as floater’s, life jackets, water wings, goggles, mask or fins can not be used when going off the diving boards.
  • Backward entry dives are not permitted off the high dive.
  • Sitting in the gutters or along the pool in the diving well will not be permitted.
  • No entering the diving well from the edge of the pool or swimming under the safety rope.
  • Divers will be asked to demonstrate their swimming ability, by swimming one pool length before being allowed to use the diving area.
  • Only one (1) diver on the board at a time.
  • Diver must wait at the bottom of the steps until the previous diver has departed the board.
  • One (1) bounce per dive.
  • All divers, after entering the water, are to swim to the ladders for a safe exit from the pool.
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Slide Rules

  • Minimum user height is 48".
  • Patrons with exposed metal on their suits may not use the slide.
  • No jewelry, eyeglasses, sunglasses, belts, shoes, or hats permitted.
  • Only those patrons who can swim unassisted may use the slide.
  • Only one person on slide at a time. Patrons must wait for lifeguards “ok” to go.
  • Feet first only.
  • No sitting around the edge of slide area.
  • No swimming into the slide area under the safety rope.
  • Exit at the designated ladder or swim clear of the splash down area.
  • No stopping, kneeling, or rolling over in the flume.
  • No wearing goggles, fins, sunglasses or floatation devices on slide.
  • Staff reserves the right to ask patrons to discontinue use of the slide for safety reasons.
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Baby Pool Rules

  • All children must be accompanied and supervised by an adult 18 or older.
  • Running or rough play will not be tolerated.
  • Diapers are prohibited in the pool. Swim Diapers are required and are available for purchase at the pool control desk.
  • No food, drink, gum or tobacco allowed in the baby pool area.
  • The baby pool is for children 7 years of age and younger.
  • One child on the slide at a time.
  • Use caution when catching your child at the end of the slide. It is best to hold their hand as they go down if assistance is needed.
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Lap Swim

  • Swimming in lap lanes only.
  • Water walking in shallow area only where lap guard can see you.
  • Please keep swimmers to the right side when swimming laps.
  • Lanes will be set up as slow, medium and fast. Please help us by sharing lanes.
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