City Hall Murals

Murals are painted on the first and second floor ceilings of City Hall. These murals date back to 1903, when the building currently known as City Hall was built.

First Floor

The ceiling is divided into eight panels, with each mural representing a period of E.G. Lewis's life. Looking from the closed Delmar Blvd. entrance from the right:

Panel #1: Depicts Lewis and two female figures, one on which is said to be his mother.
Panel #2: Depicts Lewis holding an artist's paint brush and rule. Mr. Lewis was an artist.
Panel #3: An idle Mr. Lewis. He arrived to St. Louis broke and out of work.
Panel #4: Depict Mr. Lewis operating a flatbed printing press.

The remaining panels depict Mr. Lewis as an inventor, industrialist, builder, and financier.

Second Floor

Second Floor Mural: Believed to depict the various arts, with a central mural.

City Manager's Office Mural: Believed to depict the ascendence of women to a position of equality in society.

For tours of City Hall please contact the City Manager's Office at: 314-505-8531