Solid Waste Special Collection Programs

Special Bulk Item Collection Program

Residents who want to get rid of household junk and do not want to wait for the scheduled curbside bulk collections (in April and September) can call the Public Works and Parks Department to schedule a special bulk item pick up for a fee.

Only household (bulk) items that would normally be collected as part of the Bulk Item Collection will be accepted in this special bulk waste collection program (i.e. sofas, chairs, mattresses, stoves, refrigerators (doors must be removed), dishwashers, fans, lamps, carpet, tables, rugs, washer and dryers). Some items, such as counter tops, sinks, toilets, faucets, cabinets and wood fencing can be accepted. Please call Public Works and Parks at 505-8560 to inquire about these items. Computers and Televisions are no longer accepted.

No hazardous materials, yard waste, tree stumps or limbs, building construction debris/materials, roofing shingles, concrete, bricks, landscaping stones/boulders or household trash are permitted.

Fees and Instructions

The pickup fee must be paid in advance. The collection (pick-up) will be scheduled upon receipt of payment. The pickup fee is $25 per item up to a maximum of $200 per pickup for up to 10 items. In order to accommodate each request, pickups will be scheduled 7 days after the City receives the application and payment. Collections are scheduled only on a Wednesday or Friday. Residents may request a particular pickup day, but Public Works and Parks will approve the final date. Items should be placed at the curb within 24 hours of the scheduled pickup.

Residents can choose how they want to schedule a special bulk pickup. 

 Download the Special Bulk Item Collection Agreement.
  • Residents can come to the Public Works and Parks Department (3rd floor in City Hall) with cash, check or money order and complete a bulk item pickup agreement and application.
  • Call the Public Works and Parks Department at (314) 505-8560, to complete the agreement and application over the phone and pay with a credit card (Visa or Mastercard) or mail in your payment.
  • All outstanding accounts (bills) to the City of University City must be paid before using this service.

Cart and Roll-Off Rentals

As a part of the Neighborhood Services Program, the Public Works and Parks Department has a program to accommodate residents with special trash collection needs (i.e., Christmas, spring cleaning, Passover, holidays, etc.).

This program allows residents to pay a per-use rental fee for a trash container (90-gallon cart or 30 cubic yard roll-off) for one special pick-up from their home. Due to weight requirements, residents can dispose of regular household trash, smaller household furniture/appliances (toaster, blender, iron, fan, lamp), interior building debris (toilets, sinks, cabinets, counter-tops) from inside the home that can fit inside the container. No roofing materials (shingles), wood, tile, asphalt, drywall, concrete, rocks, bricks, yard waste, tree stumps, limbs, televisions, computer, etc. Generally, only trash that could normally be deposited in trash containers are acceptable. No hazardous materials, yard waste, landscaping, building and construction debris, drywall, TV or computer or over-sized bulky waste permitted. All University City bills must be paid (no outstanding fees) to receive this service. Call the Public Works and Parks Department at 314-505-8560 with any questions.

Guidelines and Requirements

Residents should come to the Public Works and Parks Department at City Hall to complete a rental agreement and pay the rental fee up-front. The rental fee can also be made with a credit card (Visa and MasterCard) over the phone.
  • Residents must sign the rental agreement and agree to take full responsibility for the replacement of lost or damaged containers
  • Your signature approves the placement of any container on privately owned areas. University City cannot be held liable for any damage to privately owned areas or items, including streets, sidewalks or curbs.
  • The dumpster can only be dropped off and picked up by the Solid Waste Division.
  • Residents will need to reserve a special collection rental at least 5 days in advance. Normal delivery is Wednesday and Friday of each week.
  • You will be charged an additional rental fee if container is not placed at the curb on the scheduled pickup date; this charge will be applied to your refuse bill from the City of University City.
  • Participation is limited to the supply of available containers.
  • Fees are per container per pickup.
  • All outstanding accounts (bills) to the City of University City must be paid before using this service.
  • By renting a waste container, you agree that University City will not be liable for any damage to private streets, curbs, sidewalks or property that may occur during placement or removal of any rental containers.
Download the Rental Agreement: 
Residents may select from the available options below:

Option #1
90-Gallon Cart Rental

  • $25 rental fee per container for one pickup, if delivered by the City. Cart(s) would be delivered one week prior to regular trash day.
  • Residents will be charged an additional $15 rental fee per container each week beyond the rental return period. To avoid the charge, resident must set out container on next regular trash day by 6:00 a.m.
  • The City will remove the 90-gallon cart on the next trash collection day that is no longer than 5 business days based upon the City schedule.
trash cart - close up.jpg

Option #2
Large Dumpster (30 cubic yard) Rental

  • $300.00 rental fee per roll-off dumpster
    for one pickup, rental fee includes a $50 Right-of-Way permit fee. ($200.00 for each additional 10 business days or empty).
  • The large commercial roll-off dumpster will be placed on the City's public streets (no private property or driveways). The Public Works Department will approve the final location.
  • The Solid Waste Division will remove the large commercial dumpster on the scheduled/agreed upon pickup date no longer than 10 business days based upon the Solid Waste Division's schedule.
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