Citizen Satisfaction Survey

2021: University City Conducts Its 2021 Citizen Survey

ETC Institute administered a community survey for the City of University City as a tool to receive feedback from the City’s residents. The information compiled from this survey will be used by City leaders as they continue to enhance programs, services, and identify areas where improvements are needed to ensure the community moves innovatively into the future.  

Citizen Satisfaction Survey 2021 Findings Report

2019: University City Conducts Its 2019 Citizen Survey

University City has conducted its 2019 Citizen Survey. It was administered through the nationally recognized ETC Institute via mail and online surveying. 

In July, ETC mailed the survey and a project description letter to a statistically representative sample of households. Residents were provided two convenient opportunities to respond: an online link that will be included in the letter and a postage-paid return envelope. 

About seven to 10 days after the surveys were mailed, ETC followed up with households that received them via e-mail and/or phone; the firm’s goal is to achieve a minimum of 600 completed surveys.  A sample of 600 provides the City results that have a margin of error of +/-4 percent at the 95 percent level of confidence. ETC consultants monitored the distribution of the sample to ensure that it reasonably reflects the demographic composition of the City with regard to age, geographic dispersion, gender, race/ethnicity and other factors.  

The survey compiled resident feedback on a wide variety of City programs and services and gather respondent information. This is a biennial initiative that helps staff identify what we are doing well, identify opportunities for improvements and identify business plan and budget priorities. We value citizen engagement and intend to use survey results to make important long-range planning and investment decisions. 

Those who received surveys gave opinions on the City’s quality of life, including residential and commercial development, public safety, mobility, management and recreational programs.

Survey findings are linked below. A representative from ETC will made a presentation to the Mayor and City Council in January.

Citizen Satisfaction Survey 2019 Findings Report

GIS Maps for Citizen Satisfaction Survey 2019