The Finance Department is responsible for overseeing and processing applications for the following licenses:

  • Business License
  • Liquor License
  • Picnic License
  • Dog License
  • Dog Park Tags
  • Truck Parking Permit
  • Vendors and Solicitors Permit
Persons engaged in any business, occupation, pursuit, profession or trade or in keeping or maintaining any institution, establishment, article, utility or commodity as specified in the municipal code section Chapter 605 Business Regulations are required to obtain a business license.

The Finance Department is responsible for issuing licenses to businesses authorized by city officials to operate within the City of University City.  Business license fees apply and must be paid in order to receive a business license.  All occupational, business, and other licenses are valid from May 1 of the current year to April 30 of the following year, and must be renewed annually.  All such licenses are due and payable on or before April 30th of each year.  AN APPLICANT IS NOT PERMITTED TO OPERATE UNTIL LICENSE IS ISSUED.

New Business License Application
Business License Instructions
Business License Update Form
  1. Liquor License
  2. Picnic License
  3. Dog License
  4. Dog Park
  5. Truck Parking Permit
  6. Vendors and Solicitors Permit