On-line Bill Pay (eUtilities)

Online Bill Pay

eUtilities is a free service that allows residents to view their refuse account activity and make payments online. You also have the ability to select paperless billing. Click the link below to access eUtilities. After creating your user profile, you will use the username and password that you setup. 

We have recently updated the BillPay system. Please see below for updating your account information.

Steps to setup new or existing account:

This link will take you to the online payment portal - Please click here to continue to the online payment system.

Once there, you will want to choose the option "Create User Profile", after this is completed, you will use the username and password you have created.


On the next screen you will enter your existing information and then choose to "Confirm Account". You will then be asked to setup a Username and Password as well as an email address. You will then be sent an email to Authenticate your account. This will be the information you use to log in moving forward.