Electrical Permits

Applications for Electrical permits can be submitted to The Department of Planning and Development on the 4th floor of City Hall  at 6801 Delmar Boulevard, University City.

Hours of operation: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday.
The office is closed on all City holidays.
Download the Electrical Permit Application

Applications for commercial buildings must be accompanied by 2 sets of electrical plans that have been sealed, signed and dated by a Missouri registered design professional.

Electrical permits are issued to electrical contractors who are licensed by St. Louis County. One may verify that a contractor is licensed by calling the Community Development Department or visiting the following website:

All new installations, major repairs and modifications to the electrical system of any structure require electrical permits and inspections. Electrical work that does not require permits or inspections includes replacement of like devices such as receptacle outlets, switches and light fixtures.

The Homeowner Electrical Test may be taken ONLY ONCE per 12 month period.

The homeowner or a member of the owner's immediate family (who resides at the property and is on the occupancy permit) may apply for a homeowner's electrical permit for the installation or modification of branch wiring (only) under the following guidelines:

  1. The subject property must be a single family residence.
  2. The homeowner must reside at the property (and possess a residential occupancy permit)
  3. All work must be performed by the owner.
  4. The permit holder (homeowner or immediate family member who resides at the property and is on the occupancy permit) must be the person performing the electrical work.
  5. Prior to the issuance of a permit, an open book test is administered. The exam is based on the currently adopted edition of the International Residential Code (Chapters 33-40). A current edition of the code book is available for use at the Community Development Department.
The owner's permit is applicable only to single-family, owner occupied units.