Olive Blvd Design Guidelines

Olive Boulevard Design Guidelines

Below are links to the approved version of the Olive Blvd Design Guidelines. All new developments along Olive Blvd, as well as all substantial redevelopment, must adhere to these guidelines above and beyond all other University City codes.


Table of Contents
Chapter-1 Introduction
Chapter-2 Streetscape and Districts Guidelines
Chapter-3 Building Types and Signage Guidelines
Chapter-4 Review Process

Appendix-A- Landscaping Sections: Landscaping Sections Map, Landscaping Sections Table

Appendix-B- Existing Conditions

Appendix-C- Public Participation: Community Survey, Discussion With Missouri Department Of Transportation, Focus Session

Appendix-D- Online Survey

Appendix-E- Implementation Strategy & Funding

Maps - Soil Association Map, Contours and 100 year Floodplain Map, Existing Land Use Map, Future Land Use Map, Existing Infrastructure Map, Year Structure Built Map, Tenure Map, Districts Map


Full Document: Final Version of the Olive Blvd Design Guidelines

Please note, it will take your computer a substantial amount of time to download the full document.

Please contact the Department of Planning and Development, (314) 505-8500 with any questions.