Parking Garage and Meters

Parking Garage & Meters

Finance is responsible for coordinating parking meter installation, repair, and collection of parking meter fees. If you would like to report a broken or damaged meter, please call (314) 505-8556.

The Police Department is responsible for issuing parking tickets and enforcing parking violations rules.

Parking Meter Zones

The City of University City has established parking meters and parking meter zones to regulate the privilege of parking in University City. 

A list of University City parking meter zones and fees may be found in the municipal code Chapter 358 Parking Meters.

Municipal Parking

The City of University City also provides a Municipal Parking Garage located at 6319 Delmar Blvd. in the University City Loop. Parking permits are issued for parking in the Municipal Parking Garage. Permits can be purchased through St. Louis Parking,, (314) 727-4017.

Residential Non-Parking Signs/Parking Permits

Temporary Residential non-parking signs are issued by the Police Department, please contact in advance at (314) 725-2211, to request the number of signs needed. Parking permits are also issued through the Police Department for Parking Meter Zone D. The cost of each permit is $30.00 per month, or $20.00 per month for any applicant who is issued ten or more parking permits for a given month, payable on or before the first day of each month, or payable in advance for any succeeding twelve (12) month period, or parts thereof.