University City Police Department

UCPDThe University City Police Department is a proactive and community engaged law enforcement agency.  Per each shift assignment, officers are directed to uphold their assigned areas with patrol integrity.  During the night shift, wherein there is very low visibility, UCPD officers often need additional lighting to deter potential criminal and socially deviant activity.  Unfortunately, officers from all jurisdictions may need to shine spotlights from their police patrol vehicles in between houses, cars, businesses and other objects where criminal opportunists may hide.  It is never UCPD officer’s intention to disrupt our citizens.  

The dark (low light) areas between houses and yards are common hiding areas, and officers must eliminate this possibility during their effective patrolling.

Certain ways to aid in deterring criminal activity from the safety of your locked properties would be to have ample and effective outside lighting (i.e. Front, side or rear lights) and reporting any defective streetlights for your street or subdivision.  We also would like for each and every member of our community to practice locking car doors, house windows, garages, etc. at all times, as this will limit the perception of the potential criminal that we have soft targets here in our community.  

We ask everyone to report any suspicious activity or noises to UCPD (314.725.2211 or 911 for emergencies) and allow your highly trained law enforcement agency to examine the issue.

This Police Agency has embraced the "Community Policing Philosophy" in an effort to provide the highest level of service to all its citizens. By reaching out to include the community in our endeavors, this agency can move forward with a vision and purpose. Professionalism and competence are barometers in determining our success. However, the main factor in evaluating our performance is the feeling and attitude our citizens have regarding the Police Department. We shall forever strive to deliver assistance at its most productive.
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