Process Overview
The selection process is generally outlined on the job announcement. Candidates are tested and ranked on the basis of their overall score(s). Examinations may be written, oral, physical, training and/or education assessments, practical performance tests, or any combination thereof.

After the examination, candidates are generally notified of results by mail within three to four weeks.

Civil Service Positions
There are no general Civil Service tests; examinations are prepared based on the job requirements.

Upon successful completion of the testing process, the candidate’s name will be placed on an eligibility list ranked by score. Eligibility lists may remain active for up to one year. When a vacancy occurs, the top candidates for a position are contacted for interview. Some positions require additional testing such as physicals, background investigations, polygraphs, psychological, etc.

Appointed/Unclassified Positions
Some positions within the City are appointed or unclassified positions (City Manager, all directors of departments, City Court Judge, City Attorney, City Clerk, Assistant City Manager and Secretary to the City Manager). These positions are not subject to Civil Service Regulations, may or may not go through a testing process, and do not establish an eligibility list.

Controlled Substance Screen
Candidates being considered for any full-time position with the City of University City are offered the position contingent upon passage of a controlled substance screening, reference checks, and other screening criteria, as required.