Civil Service

The City of University City’s Civil Service Board was established to provide qualified applicants for employment and to protect employees from discrimination or unfair treatment.

Objectives & Purpose
Civil Service is intended to protect employees from discharge, demotion, or suspension for political, religious, or other reasons such as personal animosity or preference. After completion of probation, classified employees cannot be discharged, demoted, or suspended without valid reason, and may appeal such action to the Civil Service Board. All employees are civil service classified employees except: the City Manager, all directors of departments, members of advisory boards, City Court Judge, City Clerk and Secretary to the City Manager.

Civil Service Board
The Civil Service Board advises the City Council and the Director of Human Resources on problems regarding personnel administration, hears appeals from disciplinary action, makes investigations it considers necessary concerning personnel administration in the municipal service, and approves civil service rules. The board consists of five members who must have been residents for at least two years prior to appointment. Members of official political party committees are not eligible to serve.

At least one general Civil Service Board meeting is held each year. Hearings are scheduled as necessary.